He is passionate about finding ways to help people increase their level of consciousness and be more effective. His approach is personal, direct but respectful, 'to the point', practical, humoristic and with integrity.


His life motto is: "Change isn't hard, but trying to avoid it, is."

Writer of the book 'Organisatie van binnenuit' (2009, Kon. Van Gorcum, isbn: 9789023245292).

Bonne Wagenaar (1954): Background in economics and psychotherapy.

More than 30 years’ experience as a facilitator of change, consultant, trainer and coach in profit and non-profit organizations.

She is specialized in day to day human learning. She knows how to translate fancy management models and theories into something earthbound, something that really works for our clients in daily operations.

Her approach is practical and emphatic, she has a keen eye for spotting human potential and talent.

Her motto: "The organization’s greatest asset for effectiveness would have to be joy."

Betsy van der Veen (1963): Background in didactics.

More than 25 years’ experience as a trainer/coach in both profit and governmental organizations.

Since 1992 we help organizations with advise, training and coaching.

Our clients usually are multinational organizations; they love our business driven approach with a human face.  Employees love our ways to increase their empowerment and ownership.

On the one hand we help organizations in developing a clear vision on the role people can play in their company.

On the other hand we help people in challenging phases in their work and help them to get the best out of themselves.

Clients refer to us with words as: effectivity, integrity and commitment.

Since 2003 we work outside the Netherlands too.

We have long-term committed relationships with our clients.

Our enthusiasm and ability to really reach people make 'little miracles' happen.

In implementing real-life solutions, we’re among the best in our field.


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It's people, not systems and processes, that make your organization great. It's only people that can make your organization stand out from the crowd.

You can buy a lean structure, but who will work in it? And with how much effort?

You may have a plan, but who will strive to make it a success? And how hard?

But what does this role of people really look like?

It needs guts to see that, as different surveys show us, in the end about 50 percent of our plans don’t work.

This isn't only true about small projects; we’re talking about big mergers going wrong, about huge ict projects exceeding budget 200%, about failing TQM attempts and new global strategies. We’re talking about millions and millions of dollars here going down the drain.

Implementation is an issue where money lies, the issue.

When it comes to implementation, the laws of life change dramatically. It’s not the cleaver calculating head that is decisive anymore, it’s one’s attitude towards one’s work and one’s ability to cope with uncertainty for example. Not so much education and diploma's, but having had the possibility to visualize the big picture and understand one’s own role it it, to name a few. The ability to work together with someone you don’t like, to look further than your own worn out ways of finding solutions and the ability to see the right priorities in any given moment, to find excitement in your job, and…

We are specialized in the technology of working with people facing organizational goals. We made it our life’s work.

There is enough know-what out there, in theory, charts, hypes, models and books, but what exactly do you need when we’re talking about people? Know-how!

Our business solutions go hand in hand with the empowerment and development of the individual.